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Organic Coffees

If a coffee has been certified organic it guarantees that the beans have been produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Organic certification also includes an emphasis on recycling, composting, soil health and protection of the environment. Most of our organic beans are also either Fair Trade or Rain Forest Alliance certified. For more information on Fair Trade please read our blog post here. For information on Rainforest Alliance.

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Organic Breakfast Blend

A high-caffeine blend of Central American coffees; lightly roasted with a great flavor.

1 lb $14.00

Organic Costa Rica

Another smooth, chocolaty coffee from Central America.

1 lb $14.00

Organic Espresso Blend

Five beans blended for perfection. This blend yields a sweet, syrupy shot with crema that won't quit.

1 lb $14.00

Organic Ethiopia

This coffee exemplifies why Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is such a popular coffee.

1 lb $18.00

Organic French Roast

Our darkest coffee, yet simple and smooth with no bitter aftertaste.

1 lb $14.00

Organic Guatemala

An earthy cup with nutty flavors; if you like our Antigua give this a try.

1 lb $15.00

Organic Mexico

Our best-selling organic coffee!

1 lb $14.00

Organic Mexico Decaf

A Swiss Water Process decaf that actually tastes like real coffee!

1 lb $16.00

Organic Peru

Full-bodied Central American sweetness...

1 lb $14.00

Organic Roastmaster's Blend

Joe's first proprietary blend. Think caramel + dark chocolate.

1 lb $15.00

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