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Country: USA

Farm: Makapueo Farm (The Eye of the Owl)

Altitude: 1,200-2200 meters

Varietals: Kona Typica

Harvest: July-February

Rainfall: 60 to 80 inches per year

Soil: Lava rocks on Mauna Loa Slopes

Production Method: Wet process, wash beans and slow dried

Hawaiian Kona

$45.00 1 lb

$225.00 5 lb

Hawaiian Kona is famous for being smooth, and for being the only coffee grown on United States soil. Our Kona, from Makapueo Farms has a medium body and a light, warm aftertaste.

Makapueo Farms is family owned and operated, and strives to preserve the legacy of a 100% Hawaiian managed farm. Betsy Astronomo passed down the farm to her daughter, Mamo. Mamo planted majority of the existing coffee and tended to the plants. In 2002, Mamo unexpectedly passed away, and the farm began to deteriorate. In 2003, Mamo's son, Kaipo Sheen, the current farm owner and manager, returned to restore and grow Makapueo Farm. Because other local farmers needed support, Kaipo established a cooperative, as well as programs for farmers to learn about techniques and quality control. The farm conserves water and uses natural fertilizers.

Makapueo Farm has grown by leaps and bounds, and has control of the entire process: the planting, harvesting and export.


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