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These are some great ways to brew coffee. We've never been done wrong by the old standard French Press, and the Bean is a press designed specifically for iced coffee. Our favorite accessory of all time, however, is the Aeropress, by Aerobie (yes the people that made that weird frisbee in the 80's). Try one; you won't be disappointed!

Aeropress Coffee Maker

The greatest tasting, fastest brewing 1-cup coffee maker on the market.

ea $30.00

Bean Ice Coffee Maker

A French Press designed specifically to make cold-brew iced coffee; just the way we like it!

Orange - ea $40.00

Brazil French Press

The most affordable Bodum French Press.

3 cup - ea $17.00

Chambord French Press

The classic glass and chrome Bodum French press.

17 oz - ea $37.00

Shin Bistro Coffee Press

A simple, attractive French press from Bodum.

ea $30.00